Metahunter Tokenomics: A Look at the Future of $MHTR

Metahunter Tokenomics design with Metapets around the edge and the Metahunter continents in the center

With the launch of our Private Sales Event, the Methunter team is excited to share the plans and vesting schedules for the $MHTR tokens. through transparency and openness with our community, investors, and members as well as to help prevent any misinformation that might lead to early dumps of $MHTR in poor market conditions.

The most current vesting and token terms should help to clarify the plans for token distribution and create a positive effect on how Metahunters see the value and use of their $MHTR tokens:

  • An initial token supply (without liquidity) of 40,000,000.
  • A total of 2,000,000,000 $MHTR tokens available over the course of the next 120 months after the launch of Metahunter
  • The fully diluted market cap of $200,000,000 will begin with the initial market cap at $4,000,000
  • The opening price of $MHTR will start at $0.100
  • The seed price is $0.050
  • Private sales are $0.075
  • IDO is $0.090

Vesting Schedule

The $MHTR vesting schedule for the next 120 months leading to a total of 2,000,000,000 tokens

Over the course of the next 120 months, the $MHTR token will be available in different quantities. This extended vesting period is designed to help prevent the early selling pressure and mass dumping that has been seen in other token-based platforms. By extending the vesting period to 120 months, the Metahunter token will have a higher chance of success and stability even after the vesting period has ended.

$MHTR Uses

Metahunter economics chart that shows how businesses users and creators are able to use and earn $MHTR in a variety of ways throughout the platform

$MHTR is the main token used in the different products that make up Metahunter. Whether a , there are a variety of ways that $MHTR can be used. Each of these avenues and can be used to help enhance the Metaverse experience for everyone in Metahunter.

Metahunters can use $MHTR to purchase land in the Metahunter continents or on the Metaverse city of Alenia. They can also use these tokens to develop, trade, buy, or sell to help them advance their land to their own design and goals. However, Metahunters can also use $MHTR to pay for the Metahunter Academy (both for taking class or hosting their own virtual classes), or even for the Virtual Convention Centre to host their own events such as concerts or virtual job fairs.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution pie chart of $MHTR tokens with the bulk going to 30% Staking Rewards and 25% to Public Sales

The most updated Token Distribution model shares the breakdown of how token sales and distribution will work. The bulk of the token distribution is dedicated to public sales, and. Each part of that 68% will offer every Metahunter the ability to take their part of the $MHTR pool, with most of it coming from opportunities that allow Metahunters to earn (via staking and participate to earn) using the $MHTR tokens they have already purchased.

Read more about the Metahunter goals and token information:

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Metahunter is a “Metaverse for All” with an early opportunity for all players to earn while they play and learn more about blockchain technology.

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Metahunter is a “Metaverse for All” with an early opportunity for all players to earn while they play and learn more about blockchain technology.